Math Tutoring Jacksonville Florida



  • Is your teacher at a fast run while you struggle to keep up?
  • Does your class size prevent you from getting the individual attention you need?
  • Do you suffer from severe test anxiety?
  • Do word problems ruin your day?
  • Do you need a good math score on the SAT and/or ACT?
  • Would you like to learn some math tricks, like lightning multiplication?


We slow things down, and tutor you one on one. We help you learn to take tests successful and show you how to tackle word problems.  Your friends and family will be impressed with your new wizardry.
And, most importantly, your grades will go up.




We make Math Work for YOU!!! Whether you are in the area of Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach or Neptune Beach Florida, Your Math Tutor is there to help.

Succeeding in today’s economy is a daunting challenge. The USA is failing at math.  Industry leaders complain that today’s young people lack even basic math skills.  Jobs have been “dumbed down,” but at some point, candidates have to compete. And those who excel at math will get the job. Don’t get left behind.


The Math Tutors

Bob Shellenberger is a retired career US Air Force officer.  He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, and began teaching mathematics at the United States Air Force Academy in 1970.  During the next four and a half years, he rose to the position of Assistant Professor of Mathematics.    
Following his retirement from the Air Force in 1988, Bob was an airline pilot until 1996.  He then returned to teaching math at Florida Community College (now Florida State College) as an adjunct instructor, where he currently serves.
Bob has tutored private students for over fifteen years.


George H Thom III is a graduate of Michigan State University, and writes decision making computer software for his firm,  He has tutored math for over twenty years.



Areas of Expertise

  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Pre-Calculus
  • SAT Preparation
  • ACT Preparation

Remember in Florida! We are your:


Jacksonville Math Tutor

Ponte Vedra Beach Math Tutor

Jacksonville Beach Math Tutor

Atlantic Beach Math Tutor

Neptune Beach Math Tutor










Please contact us for more information.Your Math tutors are here to help

George H Thom III

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