Gary Slauter



Allow me to introduce you to my good friend, George Thom. Unlike most introverted computer geniuses who cower close to their computers, George is funny and extroverted. Think of Dan Ackroyd at his rapid fire best, perhaps on steroids.

You will find several letters on this site describing his excellent analytical abilities. While this is true, I’d say on the basis of knowing George for 20 years that his quick thinking and, dare I say it, occasional pig headed reasoning results in brilliance.

I’ve commissioned George to produce financial case design for high net worth individuals, companies and business owners. The models he develops invariably help my clients see their choices more clearly and make better, more profitable decisions.

I must be candid. When I first met George I wasn’t sure I could handle his intensity. But I learned if I stayed with the conversation he would take me to insights I never would know otherwise.

Initially I wanted George to talk slower. Ultimately, I learned to listen faster.

Gary Slauter




Gary Slauter is an investment counselor in Ann Arbor, MI. He specializes in portfolio management for families, organizations and associations.




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