An insurance executive couldn't find an analytical tool that would measure, report, and monitor distribution expenses and sales force profitability with a high degree of accuracy-- too many department heads, bumped heads. Uniform skepticism reigned for years. Within a few weeks, George H Thom lll identified the mathematical formulas that would drive dozens of “what if” scenarios

…Canned software had pretty graphics and detailed charts but a state official couldn’t make the commercial programs produce the kind of reports that would meet government reporting needs. Now the team can input data and see the final reports generated before their eyes, accurately, thanks to George H Thom lll intervention.

…The business future of an hinged on how accurately he could estimate a new job from a Tier One supplier. At $250,000 per die, even a five percent estimating error could be the difference between profit and loss for an entire year. The supplier spent days upon days of cogitating budgets for each job. George H Thom lll took the system apart. Now the supplier calculates new jobs precisely within 15 minutes—soon enough to capture accounts from competitors.

…A start up internet radio station owner offered eleven channels of continuous music but didn’t know how to manipulate thousands for probable combinations to forecast sales, playlists, and cash flow. Regular spreadsheets had led to costly mistakes, useless and frustrating time spent on business matters when the owner would sooner strum his guitar. He’s humming a happy tune now that the calculations provided by George H Thom lll tracked performance and justified advertiser questions.





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