Maureen McDonald


Abracadabra. . Visible Algorithms – George works out problems step by step, finding the right solution that leads to dynamic and flexible solutions that run government, business and service industries. Numbers crunch better than a fresh bag of pistachios.

As a long time friend who has received business coaching from George, I’m still delighted to watch him work a room. He walks in, lights up the surroundings. Within minutes he is asking every question known to man, pointing up similarities and churning equations in his brain.


Algorithms materialize..

Revealing the logic....

Making visible the process.....

Simplifying the process


Meet George Thom. His clients call him the Penn and Teller of Software Consultants. See a complex model perform and mystify you. Then you see how it is done step by step.

The answers made visible.

And understandable


Now you can weigh the decision, eliminate an obstacle or predict an outcome with a high degree of accuracy.


Welcome to the world of Visible Algorithms...


Maureen McDonald


Maureen McDonald is a freelance writer in Detroit Michigan. Her work has appeared in the Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press, Ward Automotive and other business publications. Excerpts from her letter can be found on the Home Page of Visible Algorithms.



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