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George H Thom lll has received.


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Gary R Schulte - Long before it became fashionable for consultants to present themselves as partners to their clients, George was known for his passionate work ethic and total commitment to any project he is involved with. It is, however, the quality of the results that make this letter such a pleasure to write.


Gary R. Schulte has over 25 years of diverse experience building, managing, designing and restructuring life and annuity product delivery systems. As an award winning agency manager, chief marketing officer and life
company president, Gary is a noted author, international speaker and consultant to senior management at leading insurance companies, securities firms and banks. He is the President of the Firemans Fund Financial Services.


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George Basler- We completed an extensive program that generates quotes, allocates material and labor costs, creates an interface into our job tracking and generates accounting and cash analysis reports in real time. George combines a thorough understanding of mathematical modeling with an ability to solve complex engineering calculations, and I consider him to be the best Excel programmer I have ever worked with.

George Basler is the owner of Jason Tool Engineering, Fraser, Michigan, an ISO Certified 9002 company. He is an engineering graduate of the University of Michigan, and has spent his entire career in the tooling industry. George specializes in complex progressive dies.


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Valerie Helmstetter- What used to take us four hours to accomplish is now completed in less than an hour, Best of all, the answer came quickly and within our budgetary constraints.

Valerie Helmstetter is the administrative manager for the Vital Records Registry of Louisiana in New Orleans.


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Michael J. Asher - George gives you the hard facts and the occasional punch in the face, yet he has your bottom line and your lifestyle in focus. He is open in his thoughts, very aware of business situations and is very astute at the various tentacles of the business environment.

Michael J. Asher is the owner and president of Marlo Beauty Supply. He has over 25 years of experience working with salon professionals.


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James Griffin - George not only provided the financial model we were seeking but also provided additional tools that will enhance our ability to manage our organization well into the future.

James Griffin is founder and owner of, which offers 11 channels of music dedicated to “showcasing the unique culture and vibrant lifestyle that is Ann Arbor.”


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Jon Gandelot - George has an incredibly analytical mind. He can design programs for the most complex set of facts. He delights in designing programs that others have said cannot be done.

Jon B. Gandelot is an estate planning attorney in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Jon is a graduate of the University of Michigan and is past president of the Grosse Pointe Board of Education. He specializes in estate, tax, and business planning for closely held corporations, business owners and high net worth individuals.


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Gary Slauter- I’ve commissioned George to produce financial case design for high net worth individuals, companies and business owners. The models he develops invariably help my clients see their choices more clearly and make better, more profitable decisions.

Gary Slauter is an investment counselor in Ann Arbor, MI. He specializes in portfolio management for families, organizations and associations.


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Kevin Cairns - Flat out, George's fervor for his work can be summed up in one word: passion. He truly loves his work and loves sharing his abilities with those in need of his services. George is a true professional.

Kevin P. Cairns is a CPA and is Senior Tax Manager in the firm of Shultz, Chaipel & Co. with offices in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida.

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Maureen McDonald - George works out problems step by step, finding the right solution that leads to dynamic and flexible solutions that run government, business and service industries. Numbers crunch better than a fresh bag of pistachios.

Maureen McDonald is a freelance writer in Detroit Michigan. Her work has appeared in the Detroit News, the Detroit Free Press, Ward Automotive and other business publications. Excerpts from her letter can be found on the Home Page of Visible Algorithms.


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Paul Merklinger- When I spent the time to work with George on our Encore Associated Leasing project, I quickly came to learn that he is BRILLIANT at what he does. His ability to understand and interpret my ultimate financial results and desires was far beyond what I have experienced from any Accountant and/or computer guru that I have used in the past.

Paul Merklinger was the Vice President of International Operations for a major Software Company for nine years , and is now the President of Encore Associated Leasing L.L.C


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