George Basler


As the owner of Jason Tool and Engineering in Fraser, MI, I have tried for years to automate competitive quoting for the tool and die industry.

I wanted a program that would automate the quoting process of high volume automotive stamping dies. This was a manual job requiring twelve to fourteen man hours. I dreamed of a process requiring only 15 minutes to input data and make choices.

I have tried every professional software program available, but have found their limitations render them useless. I attempted to write a program myself and got nowhere. My wife, who is an accountant and is well versed in both computers and the tool and die business also made an attempt, also to no avail.

Finally, I turned to our accounting firm, Follmer, Rudzewicz and Company and asked them if they could write the program I needed. One of their senior partners, Dennis Laporte, highly recommended George as an expert at customizing Excel programs on a contract basis and suggested that I retain him.


We chose to do a General Motors progressive die because it was the most complicated job I could think of. From there, we could always simplify.

George worked with my design source personnel and together we completed the entire package from start to successful data testing.

We completed an extensive program that generates quotes, allocates material and labor costs, creates an interface into our job tracking and generates accounting and cash analysis reports in real time.


We are now marketing this software throughout the tool and die industry, utilizing George’s expertise to customize each program and train various shop personnel.

George combines a thorough understanding of mathematical modeling with an ability to solve complex engineering calculations, and I consider him to be the best Excel programmer I have ever worked with.

George Basler



George Basler is the owner of Jason Tool Engineering, Fraser, Michigan, an ISO Certified 9002 company. He is an engineering graduate of the University of Michigan, and has spent his entire career in the tooling industry. George specializes in complex progressive dies.


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